Fellows and Affiliates

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Bob Bauer
Bob BauerDistinguished Senior Fellow
Tess Bridgeman
Tess BridgemanSenior Fellow and Visiting Scholar
Judith H. Germano
Judith H. GermanoNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Zachary Goldman
Zachary GoldmanNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Michael Wahid Hanna
Michael Wahid HannaNon-Resident Senior Fellow
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Rebecca Ingber
Rebecca IngberNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Randal Milch
Randal MilchDistinguished Fellow
Yascha Mounk
Yascha MounkNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Stephen Pomper
Stephen PomperNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Nicholas Rasmussen
Nicholas RasmussenNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Lindsay Rodman
Lindsay Rodman Non-Resident Senior Fellow
Matthew Spence
Matthew SpenceNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Andrew Weissmann
Andrew WeissmannDistinguished Senior Fellow

Alumni/On Leave

Wally Adeyemo
Wally AdeyemoNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Jon Finer
Jon FinerNon-Resident Advisor
Chris Fonzone
Chris FonzoneNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Elizabeth George
Elizabeth GeorgeNon-Resident Senior Fellow
Lisa O. Monaco
Lisa O. MonacoDistinguished Senior Fellow

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