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NYU Law is an intellectual powerhouse, attracting leading scholars and practitioners at the top of their respective fields. You can view the Reiss Center’s Faculty Co-Directors; see a list of NYU Law faculty focusing on law and security; and learn more about the Reiss Center on Law and Security’s Fellows and Affiliates.


NYU Law offers a wide range of courses on national security and related topics, many of them taught by the Reiss Center’s affiliated faculty and fellows. From offerings in core national security topics, to courses in cybersecurity, international law, comparative and foreign law, administrative law, immigration law, and constitutional law, students are ideally positioned to pursue a well-rounded academic experience that will prepare them for careers and scholarship in the field of national security.

We encourage you to explore these opportunities to learn from top practitioners and academics. See a selected list of Spring 2021 courses, or browse a full list of current course offerings in the field.

Examples of past offerings include:

  • National Security Law
  • National Security Law and Policy Seminar
  • The National Security Executive, the Courts and the Constitution
  • Intelligence Gathering and Law Enforcement: Post 9/11 Seminar
  • Power Wars and War Powers
  • Presidential Powers
  • Foreign Relations Law of the United States Seminar
  • Cybersecurity Law and Technology Seminar
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Emerging Topics on AI, Cybersecurity, and Law
  • Human Rights, Civil Society, and the Internet in China
  • Military Law
  • Complex Federal Investigations Seminar
  • Colloquium on Law and Security
  • Hauser Colloquium
  • Counterterrorism Intelligence Gathering, Prosecution, and Defense
  • Federalist Papers Seminar
  • Legal History Colloquium
  • Lincoln, The Civil War and the Constitution: Foundations of the National Security Powers of the President and Congress Seminar
  • Military Justice Seminar


NYU Law faculty produce cutting-edge research and scholarship in the field of law and security. Work by the Reiss Center and its Fellows is also compiled on our Publications page.