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NYU Law offers myriad opportunities and resources for students interested in studying national security law and policy and pursuing related careers. Through its research and publications, external events, and student-focused programming, the Reiss Center on Law and Security is a cornerstone of all that the law school has to offer in this field.

Resources and Opportunities:


NYU Law is an intellectual powerhouse, attracting leading scholars and practitioners at the top of their field. You can view the Reiss Center’s Faculty Directors; see a list of NYU Law faculty focusing on law and security; and learn more about the Reiss Center on Law and Security’s Fellows and Affiliates.


NYU Law offers a wide range of courses on national security and related topics, many of them taught by the Reiss Center’s affiliated faculty and fellows. From offerings in core national security topics, to courses in cybersecurity, international law, comparative and foreign law, administrative law, immigration law, and constitutional law, students are ideally positioned to pursue a well-rounded academic experience that will prepare them for careers and scholarship in the field of national security.

We encourage you to explore these opportunities to learn from top practitioners and academics. Browse a list of current course offerings.

Examples of past offerings include: National Security Law; National Security Law and Policy Seminar; The National Security Executive, the Courts and the Constitution; Intelligence Gathering and Law Enforcement: Post 9/11 Seminar; Questions of Transparency in Government and Politics Seminar; Judging National Security: a Comparative Perspective; Lawyers and Leaders: Professional Responsibility in Government; Role of the Lawyer in Public life, Power Wars and War Powers; Lincoln, the Civil War, and the Constitution Seminar; Presidential Powers; Foreign Relations Law of the United States Seminar; Presidents and the Law; Cybersecurity Law and Technology Seminar; International Humanitarian Law; Emerging Topics on AI, Cybersecurity, and Law; International Investment Law and Arbitration; International Investment in Developing Countries—China and Africa; Human Rights, Civil Society, and the Internet in China; Military Law; Immigration Law; Complex Federal Investigations Seminar, Rule of Law; Communicating Academic Work to Policymakers Seminar.


NYU Law faculty produce cutting-edge research and scholarship in the field of law and security. Work by the Reiss Center and its Fellows is also compiled on our Publications page.

The Reiss Center on Law and Security Student Scholars Program provides NYU Law students research and mentorship opportunities in the field of national security law and policy. The competitive selection process seeks to identify outstanding 2L and 3L students with relevant academic and professional experience who are interested in pursuing careers in national security. The Student Scholar position is compensated.

Student Scholars contribute to the Reiss Center’s mission and research agenda by working closely with and providing research for the Reiss Center’s leadership and experts; working with the Just Security team, including potential opportunities to publish in the online forum; and contributing to the development and execution of the Reiss Center’s program of work. Student Scholars are encouraged to attend the Reiss Center’s many events and panel discussions and invited to participate in the Reiss Center’s private convenings with leading figures in the field. They are provided opportunities to participate in national security events and fora outside of NYU. Student Scholars enjoy mentorship opportunities from a diverse range of national security thinkers and practitioners, and are encouraged to become integral members of the national security law and policy community that the Reiss Center works to cultivate at NYU School of Law.

2018-2019 Student Scholars

Erica Ma is a 2L at NYU School of Law, where she is a Staff Editor for the New York University Law Review. Prior to law school, she worked at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, an international security think tank in Washington, DC. Over her 1L summer, she worked with the United Nations International Law Commission in New York and Geneva under the auspices of the NYU International Law and Human Rights Fellowship Program, providing research on topics relating to the law of armed conflict. Her interests include international humanitarian law, the use of force, and emerging technologies in armed conflict. Erica earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, magna cum laude, in International Relations and Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

Ariana Navarro Rowberry is a 2L at NYU School of Law, where she is a Staff Editor for the NYU Journal of International Law and Politics and the President of the National Security Law Society. Prior to law school, she served as a Special Assistant on the National Security Council during the Obama Administration, where she staffed the Senior Directors for North Africa and Yemen, and Israel, Egypt, and the Levant. She also interned in Vice President Biden’s National Security Affairs Office. She spent her 1L summer at the Department of Justice’s National Security Division in the Office of Law and Policy. Earlier, Ariana worked at the Arms Control and Nonproliferation Initiative at the Brookings Institution as a Herbert Scoville Jr. Fellow. While there, Ariana researched the evolution of the U.S.-Japanese alliance. Ariana’s career in national security began working on nuclear policy at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Ariana has a BA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with highest honors in Peace, War, and Defense and Political Science.


The application period for the 2019-20 Student Scholars Program is now closed. We welcome off-cycle inquiries by interested students, who may contact

The National Security Law Society is an independent student organization at NYU. NSLS promotes a community of NYU Law students interested in national security law, fosters discussion with experts in the field, and creates both mentoring and networking opportunities for interested students. The Reiss Center often supports and works in collaboration with NSLS.

Career Resources

Students at NYU School of Law are assisted in their job search by the most extensive placement program in the country. The Office of Career Services (OCS), together with the Public Interest Law Center (PILC), organizes numerous recruiting programs, panels and workshops, practice interview programs, and individual counseling. OCS and PILC counsel students interested in national security careers in both the private and public/non-profit sectors. Both OCS and PILC have a variety of materials for current students pursuing public sector national security careers, including the Government Handbook.

In addition, through its extensive network and programming, the Reiss Center on Law and Security works to enhance mentorship opportunities and provide exposure to a diverse range of career experiences for students interested in national security careers. Please read more about the inaugural semester of our national security career series, A Road Less Traveled.

Hands-on Experience

Each year, the Reiss Center supports participation by NYU Law students at the National Security Crisis Law Simulation hosted by Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C. Similar to a moot court exercise, the goal of the simulation is to provide students with in-depth training on national security law through an integrative, problem-solving exercise. Participants are afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of realistic national security crisis scenarios, meet and interact with peers at other law schools, and forge connections with professional experts in the field of national security law. In the past, top experts and leadership from the Reiss Center have helped to train and prepare NYU Law student participants.

You can read more about the competition on Georgetown Law’s website. If interested, please reach out to