Preparing for a Career in National Security

Career Resources

Students at NYU School of Law are assisted in their job search by the most extensive placement program in the country. The Office of Career Services (OCS), together with the Public Interest Law Center (PILC), organizes numerous recruiting programs, panels and workshops, practice interview programs, and individual counseling. OCS and PILC counsel students interested in national security careers in both the private and public/non-profit sectors. Both OCS and PILC have a variety of materials for current students pursuing public sector national security careers, including the Government Handbook.

In addition, through its extensive network and programming, the Reiss Center on Law and Security works to enhance mentorship opportunities and provide exposure to a diverse range of career experiences for students interested in national security careers. Please read more about our national security career series, A Road Less Traveled.

Hands-on Experience

The Reiss Center supports participation by NYU Law students at the National Security Crisis Law Simulation hosted by Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C. Similar to a moot court exercise, the goal of the simulation is to provide students with in-depth training on national security law through an integrative, problem-solving exercise. Participants are afforded the opportunity to participate in a variety of realistic national security crisis scenarios, meet and interact with peers at other law schools, and forge connections with professional experts in the field of national security law. In the past, top experts and leadership from the Reiss Center have helped to train and prepare NYU Law student participants.

You can read more about the competition on Georgetown Law’s website. If interested, please email us.