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The legal symposium Security, Privacy, and Innovation: Reshaping Law for the AI Era convenes experts to debate critical legal issues around AI. Co-hosted by the Reiss Center on Law and Security, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, the Berkman Klein Center, and Just Security, the symposium explores how the law must adapt to promote innovation while addressing serious questions around the development and use of AI in the United States and globally.

The second session of the symposium, Constitutional Values and the Rule of Law in the AI Era: Confronting a Changing Threat Landscape, focused on how AI-enabled technologies are changing the threat landscape and considered safeguards needed to protect constitutional values and the rule of law more broadly. An expert legal panel considered issues such as the adequacy of the Fourth Amendment in the AI era; the unique equities and issues raised by government use of AI in the intelligence, law enforcement, and border security contexts; and growing concerns around algorithmic bias, biometric technologies, deep fakes, malign information, and other AI-enabled cyber activities, and the need for regulation to address these challenges.

Visit the full symposium page to see dates, times, and speaker lists for the entire symposium.  

This event was approved for one New York State CLE credit in the category of Areas of Professional Practice. The credit was both transitional and nontransitional; it was appropriate for both experienced and newly admitted attorneys.

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Friday, September 24
12:00 – 1:15 p.m.
Virtual Event



Glenn Gerstell, former NSA General Counsel; Senior Adviser, Center for Strategic and International Studies 

Aziz Huq, Frank and Bernice J. Greenberg Professor of Law, University of Chicago Law School

Riana Pfefferkorn, Research Scholar, Stanford Internet Observatory

Moderated by:

Julie Owono, Executive Director, Internet Sans Frontières (Internet Without Borders); Member, Facebook Oversight Board; Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center on Internet & Society


This event is co-sponsored by the Reiss Center on Law and Security, the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, the Berkman Klein Center, and Just Security.