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The New Jack Smith Indictment Is Where Whataboutism Goes to Die

The New York Times Ryan Goodman & Andrew Weissmann August 2, 2023

An Overlooked January 6 Charge: The “Stop the Count” Scheme

Just Security Ryan Goodman & Andrew Weissmann July 30, 2023

Would Prosecuting Russia Prolong the War in Ukraine?

Foreign Affairs Rebecca Hamilton, Brian Finucane & Stephen Pomper July 12, 2023

Trump’s Conspirators Are Facing the Music, Finally

The New York Times Norman Eisen & Ryan Goodman July 18, 2023

Trump Is Telling Us How He’ll Respond to Future Indictments

Slate Norman Eisen & Trevor Morrison June 7, 2023

National Security Implications of Trump’s Indictment: A Damage Assessment

Just Security Tess Bridgeman & Brianna Rosen June 10, 2023

What to look for if Trump is indicted by the DOJ

The Washington Post Andrew Weissmann & Ryan Goodman June 7, 2023

Can Ukraine Get Justice Without Thwarting Peace?

Foreign Affairs Brian Finucane & Stephen Pomper May 8, 2023

When the Media Bow to Trump

The Atlantic Ryan Goodman & Andrew Weissmann April 20, 2023

Prosecuting Donald Trump Podcast

MSNBC Andrew Weissmann & Mary McCord  

After Iraq: How the U.S. Failed to Fully Learn the Lessons of a Disastrous Intervention

International Crisis Group Michael Wahid Hanna March 21, 2023

Make No Mistake, the Investigation of Donald Trump and the Stormy Daniels Scheme Is Serious

The New York Times Ryan Goodman & Andrew Weissmann March 21, 2023

An insider’s critical view of an investigation of Donald Trump

The Washington Post Andrew Weissmann February 3, 2023

How to End Yemen’s Forever War

Foreign Affairs Stephen Pomper & Michael Wahid Hanna December 2, 2022

Some Advice for Jack Smith, the New Special Counsel in the Trump Investigations

The New York Times Andrew Weissmann November 22, 2022

Mar-a-Lago Model Prosecution Memo

Just Security Andrew Weissmann, Ryan Goodman, et al. November 17, 2022

Jan. 6 Panel Is Poised To Return Amid Growing Signs That Accountability Is Coming

Talking Points Memo Jon Steinman & Ryan Goodman October 10, 2022

A Dangerous Idea to Punish Putin

Politico Michael Wahid Hanna & Delaney Simon October 4, 2022

Correcting Misconceptions About the Electoral Count Reform Act

Lawfare Bob Bauer & Jack Goldsmith July 24, 2022

Top Experts Raise Questions Regarding Legal Basis of Zawahiri Strike

Just Security (feat. Brian Finucane) August 4, 2022  

Take Away the President’s Immunity

The Atlantic Bob Bauer July 7, 2022

Did Trump believe his big lie? It’s irrelevant to proving his guilt.

 The Washington Post Ryan Goodman, Norman Eisen, and Barbara McQuade June 22, 2022

Permanently Winding Down the War on Terror Requires Greater Transparency

Just Security Brian Finucane & Luke Hartig January 30, 2023

Inspector General Reform on the Table

Lawfare Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith October 5, 2021

Modern History of Disclosure of Presidential Records: On the Boundaries of “Executive Privilege”

Just Security Ryan Goodman, Christine Berger and Margaret Shields September 30, 2021

Insurrection, War Powers, and the “Deep State”

Forever Wars? Domestic Politics, Separation of Powers and U.S. Foreign Policy Rebecca Ingber July 15, 2021

Election officials need our legal help against repressive laws and personal threats

The Washington Post Bob Bauer and Benjamin L. Ginsberg September 7, 2021

Reflections on Twenty Years of Counterterrorism Strategy and Policy

Journal of National Security Law and Policy Nicholas Rasmussen September 2021

Questions to Investigate U.S. Drone Strike in Kabul: An Alleged Killing of 10 Civilians

Just Security Ryan Goodman, Sarah Butterfield, Siven Watt and Heather Zimmerman September 13, 2021

Belonging, Inclusion, Battles Still Not Won

Smart Women, Smart Power Podcast Lindsay Rodman, Beverly Kirk,  Mo Barrett, and Amanda Stahlschmidt August 25, 2021

The Shattering of Yemen: Why Ending the War Is More Difficult Than Ever

Foreign Affairs Michael Wahid Hanna and Peter Salisbury August 19, 2021

Expert Backgrounder: Recognition and the Taliban

Just Security Tess Bridgeman and Ryan Goodman August 17, 2021

Mark Meadows Timeline: The Chief of Staff and Schemes to Overturn 2020 Election

Just Security Ryan Goodman and Juilee Shivalkar August 8, 2021

Questions the January 6 Select Committee Should Ask Its Witnesses

Just Security Ryan Goodman, Barbara McQuade and Joyce Vance July 26, 2021

War Powers Guard Rails Can Keep the U.S. From Sliding into a New Middle East War

Just Security Stephen Pomper and Brian Finucane July 2, 2021