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Lisa Monaco discusses Robert Mueller congressional testimony on CNN – 7.22.19

Erin Burnett OutFront - CNN Featuring Lisa Monaco July 22, 2019

Putin’s Ambivalent Illiberalism

Project Syndicate By Stephen Holmes July 5, 2019

Iran’s Shifting Views on Self-Defense and ‘Intraterritorial’ Force

Just Security By Rebecca Ingber and Adil Ahmad Haque July 3, 2019

White Supremacist Terrorism Has Gone Global

"The World Unpacked" Featuring Lisa Monaco June 13, 2019

The Last War—and the Next?

Foreign Affairs By Jon Finer May 28, 2019

A Russia Scandal Even Populists Couldn’t Stomach

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk May 21, 2019

Questions about missing Trump-Russia counterintel probe intensify

The Rachel Maddow Show - MSNBC Featuring Ryan Goodman May 16, 2019

Lisa Monaco: Dr. Doom

The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg Featuring Lisa Monaco May 14, 2019

Like it or Not, Unilateral Sanctions Are Here to Stay

American Journal of International Law Unbound By David S. Cohen and Zachary K. Goldman April 29, 2019

Guide to the Mueller Report’s Findings on “Collusion”

Just Security By Ryan Goodman April 29, 2019

Trump’s Shamelessness Was Outside Mueller’s Jurisdiction

The New York Times By Bob Bauer March 25, 2019

Egypt has a last chance to preserve its republican character

Financial Times By Michael Wahid Hanna March 1, 2019

About that Trial Balloon on Using the 9/11 AUMF to Authorize U.S. Strikes on Iran

Just Security By Steve Vladeck and Tess Bridgeman February 21, 2019

Trump’s Iraq Strategy Is Foolish

Foreign Affairs By Michael Wahid Hanna and Thanassis Cambanis February 14, 2019

How a Teen’s Death Has Become a Political Weapon

The New Yorker By Yascha Mounk January 28, 2019

Trump’s Lawyers Need to Worry About More Than Winning

The Atlantic By Bob Bauer January 28, 2019

What Roger Stone’s indictment could mean for Trump

PBS NewsHour Featuring Ryan Goodman January 26, 2019

The Enigma of Bill Barr

Just Security By Tess Bridgeman and Andy Wright January 17, 2019

Former Director Of National Counterterrorism Center Weighs In On Border Situation

NPR - "All Things Considered" Ari Shapiro interviews Nick Rasmussen January 8, 2019

Trump Is Right to Seek an End to America’s Wars

The New York Times By Jon Finer and Robert Malley January 8, 2019

Terrorists and the Southern Border: Myth and Reality

Just Security By Nicholas Rasmussen January 8, 2019

Lisa Monaco, Former Homeland Security Advisor, on Today’s Threat Landscape

Intelligence Matters Podcast - CBS News Interview with Lisa Monaco January 2, 2019

What Populists Do to Democracies

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk and Jordan Kyle December 26, 2018

The U.S. Is Paying More Than It Bargained for in the Yemen War

The Atlantic By Samuel Oakford and Ryan Goodman December 8, 2018

National Security Podcast: An inside look at countering terror

National Security Podcast By Nicholas Rasmussen and Chris Farnham December 4, 2018

How the Senate Should Move Forward on Resolution to Withdraw from Yemen War

Just Security By Tess Bridgeman and Stephen Pomper November 30, 2018

Congress Must Do More to Safeguard Mueller than Simply Protecting His Job

Just Security By Tess Bridgeman and Ryan Goodman November 13, 2018

Is More Democracy Always Better Democracy?

The New Yorker By Yascha Mounk November 12, 2018

We’ve declared war on foreign terrorism. Why not do the same for domestic threats?

The Washington Post By Lisa Monaco and Ken Wainstein November 5, 2018

Horns of a Dilemma: The Threat Assessment

Texas National Security Review By John Brennan, Richard Engel, William Inboden, Admiral William H. McRaven and Nicholas Rasmussen October 30, 2018

Trump has misled the public on terrorism. Time to correct the record.

The Washington Post By Joshua A. Geltzer and Nicholas J. Rasmussen October 16, 2018

Cybersecurity Summit 2018: David Petraeus and Lisa Monaco on America’s cybersecurity posture

Washington Post Live Featuring David Petraeus and Lisa Monaco October 2, 2018