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Biden in Europe

Hold Your Fire! Michael Hannah, Richard Atwood and Naz Modirzadeh June 24, 2021

Questions for FBI Director Wray About the January 6 Attack

Just Security Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissmann June 14, 2021

State Election Officials Are Under Attack. We Will Defend Them.

The New York Times Bob Bauer and Ben Ginsberg June 4, 2021

The Danger of the Moment

Lawfare Bob Bauer May 24, 2021

Congress proved it can’t handle the Jan. 6 mess. The right commission could.

The Washington Post Ryan Goodman, Austin Evers, and Justin Hendrix May 14, 2021

Turkey and Egypt Take a Step Closer to Repairing Ties

World Politics Review Michael Wahid Hanna May 10, 2021

Hack-to-Patch by Law Enforcement Is a Dangerous Practice

Just Security Randy Milch and Ed Amoroso April 30, 2021

Rebecca Ingber on Legally Sliding into War

JIB/JAB: The Laws of War Podcast Rebecca Ingber and Craig Martin April 21, 2021

Iraq Is a Good Place to Start for an Iran-Saudi Dialogue

World Politics Review Michael Wahid Hanna April 19, 2021

The Federalist Constitution as a Project in International Law

Fordham Law Review David M. Golove and Daniel J. Hulsebosch April 2021

Investigating a Crisis: A Comparison of Six U.S. Congressional Investigatory Commissions

Just Security Nicholas Tonckens and Heather Szilagyi April 6, 2021

When Can We Go To War and Who Decides?

Deep State Radio Stephen Pomper, Ryan Goodman, Oona Hathaway, and David Rothkopf March 25, 2021

Pluses and Minuses of Pelosi’s Draft Jan. 6 Commission Proposal

Just Security Ryan Goodman and Andy Wright March 18, 2021

Legally Sliding into War

Just Security Rebecca Ingber March 15, 2021

War Powers and the Biden Administration

The Lawfare Podcast Rebecca Ingber, Benjamin Wittes, John Bellinger, and Scott Anderson March 12, 2021

The Latest North Korea Cyber Indictment Should Serve as a Model

Just Security Mari Dugas (RCLS Student Scholar) February 24, 2021

Litigation Tracker: Major Decisions Facing the Biden Administration

Just Security Tess Bridgeman, Margaret Shields, Mari Dugas, Nicholas Tonckens and Karl Mihm February 22, 2021

Episode 06: Bob Bauer

Conversations with NYU President Hamilton Bob Bauer and NYU President Andy Hamilton February 19, 2021

The Legacy of Egypt’s Arab Spring

Project Syndicate Michael Wahid Hanna and Elmira Bayrasli February 16, 2021

Accomplice to Carnage: How America Enables War in Yemen

Foreign Affairs Stephen Pomper and Robert Malley March/April 2021

Groundwork For Insurrection Was Laid Well Before Jan. 6

NPR Ryan Goodman and Steve Inskeep February 8, 2021

Why Guantánamo Detainees Should Have Access to COVID Vaccines Part I: Law of Armed Conflict and Good Policy

Just Security Ryan Goodman, Oona Hathaway and Steve Vladeck February 1, 2021

DHS Warning: Domestic Violent Extremists!

Lawfare Podcast Nicholas Rasmussen, David Priess, Carrie Cordero, Andrew McCabe, and Elizabeth Neumann February 1, 2021

Why Policies Around the Pandemic May Help Women Working in National Security

Just Security Lindsay L. Rodman and Alden Leader January 25, 2021

Principles for a 2021 Authorization for Use of Military Force

Just Security Tess Bridgeman, Ryan Goodman, Stephen Pomper and Steve Vladeck January 21, 2021

America’s Attempted Coup

The Century Foundation's Order From Ashes Podcast Michael Wahid Hanna January 19, 2021

Incitement Timeline: Year of Trump’s Actions Leading to the Attack on the Capitol

Just Security Ryan Goodman, Mari Dugas, and Nicholas Tonckens January 11, 2021

Executive Branch Legal Process and the Self-Pardon

Lawfare Bob Bauer and Jack Goldmith January 9, 2021

How to Reform the Presidency After the Wreckage of Trump

The New York Times Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith December 18, 2020

Biden Says No More Coddling Dictators. OK, Here’s Where to Start.

The New York Times Michael Hanna December 7, 2020

Should Trump Be Prosecuted?

The New York Times Andrew Weissmann November 24, 2020

The Real Meaning of Trump’s Post-Election Defiance

Foreign Policy Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev November 19, 2020

Barr Isn’t Just Humoring Trump. He’s Weaponizing Law Enforcement.

The Washington Post Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissmann November 12, 2020

Good Governance Paper No. 14: War Powers Reform

Just Security Tess Bridgeman and Stephen Pomper October 30, 2020

Burning Down the House

Talking Feds Podcast Featuring Andrew Weissman January 7, 2021

The NDAA, the Industrial Base, and the Future of Acquisitions

Fault Lines Podcast Featuring Lindsay Rodman December 30, 2020

Why Just Security is Suing the Trump Administration for Information on Troop Deployments

The Washington Post Ryan Goodman and Kate Brennan October 7, 2020

I Never Promised you a Rose Garden Pardon

Talking Feds Podcast Featuring Andrew Weissman December 14, 2020

Collaborating to Counter Violent Extremism Online

The Lawfare Podcast Featuring Nicholas Rasmussen November 25, 2020

Jack Goldsmith and Bob Bauer on Reconstructing the Presidency After Trump

The Bulwark Podcast Featuring Bob Bauer September 15, 2020