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Will Bill Barr Try to Help Trump Win the Election?

New York Times Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissmann August 5, 2020

Scenes from the Mueller Probe

Stay Tuned Podcast Featuring Andrew Weissman July 22, 2020

An Incremental Step Toward Stopping Forever War?

Just Security By Jennifer Daskal, Rita Siemion and Tess Bridgeman July 13, 2020

United Security: Bounties, Bolton and COVID-19

United Security Podcast Featuring Lisa Monaco July 10, 2020

Unpacking the National Intelligence Council’s Memo on Russian Bounty Operation

Just Security By Ryan Goodman and Nicholas Rasmussen July 5, 2020

More Trouble in Libya: Egypt Raises the Stakes

Chain Reaction Podcast Featuring Michael Hanna June 25, 2020

Specific Questions for Congress (and News Media) to Ask Attorney General Barr

Just Security  By Joshua Geltzer, Ryan Goodman and Asha Rangappa June 22, 2020

The Virus Will Win

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk June 12, 2020

Authoritarian leaders thrive on crises. So why do wannabe tyrants fear the plague?

The Globe and Mail By Stephen Holmes and Ivan Krastev May 15, 2020

Obama official: Pandemic Wasn’t Unforeseen

CNN - The Daily DC Podcast Featuring Lisa Monaco May 6, 2020

Eleven Questions for Director of National Intelligence Nominee Rep. John Ratcliffe

Lawfare By Nicholas Rasmussen and Margaret Taylor May 4, 2020

The New Threat Matrix

Stay Tuned Co-hosted by Lisa Monaco and Ken Wainstein May 4, 2020

The Perils of Hyping Pandemic Response as a National Security Issue

Just Security By Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper May 4, 2020

How Trump and His Team Covered Up the Coronavirus in Five Days

The New York Times By Ryan Goodman and Danielle Schulkin April 28, 2020

No Testing, No Treatment, No Herd Immunity, No Easy Way Out

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk April 28, 2020

The Coronavirus Shutdown Lawsuits are Coming

Slate By David Golove April 15, 2020

Pandemic Preparedness & Response

CBS News: Intelligence Matters Podcast Featuring Lisa Monaco April 15, 2020  

Now’s Not the Time for Isolationism

Politico By Michele Flournoy and Lisa Monaco April 4, 2020 

Stephen Holmes on Liberalism in the 21st Century

The Lawfare Podcast Featuring Stephen Holmes April 4, 2020

We Must Vote in November. This Is How to Ensure That We Can.

The New York Times By Bob Bauer, Ben Ginsberg and Nathaniel Persily March 26, 2020

Former Presidential Advisor: Leadership During Crisis

The Leadership Podcast Featuring Lisa Monaco March 25, 2020

CAFE Insider, Featuring Lisa Monaco

CAFE Insider Feat. Lisa Monaco March 17, 2020

Cancel Everything

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk March 10, 2020

Pandemic Disease Is a Threat to National Security

Foreign Affairs By Lisa Monaco March 3, 2020

The President’s War on Intelligence: Yes, It’s Worse Than You Think

Just Security By Nicholas Rasmussen February 27, 2020

New Online Resource: War Powers and Presidential Practice

Just Security By Tess Bridgeman and Rachel Goldbrenner February 24, 2020

The Lawfare Podcast: Monaco and Yan on Coronavirus

The Lawfare Podcast Featuring Lisa Monaco February 22, 2020

Trump to Name Richard Grenell US Ambassador to Germany as Acting Head of Intelligence

The Washington Post  By Nicholas Rasmussen February 19, 2020

The Soul of the Justice Department: Who Must Stand Up For It Now

Just Security By Lisa Monaco February 14 2020

Trump and Barr Are Out of Control

The New York Times By Bob Bauer February 12, 2020

Who Needs Landmines?

War on the R0cks Podcast Featuring Stephen Pomper February 11, 2020

Stay Tuned Podcast Featuring Lisa Monaco February 4, 2020

A New Decade and New Cybersecurity Orders at the FTC

Lawfare By Randy Milch and Sam Bieler January 29, 2020  

This Is How Democracy Dies

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk and Roberto Stefan Foa January 29, 2020

Why the White House May Not Dare Fight on Executive Privilege

Just Security By Ryan Goodman and Andrew Weissman January 28, 2020

If There Was No Imminent Attack Iran Killing Soleimani Was Illegal

The Washington Post By Rebecca Ingber January 15, 2020

How to Stop a War

The Atlantic By Rebecca Ingber January 9, 2020

We are in uncharted territory now. Are we prepared for that?

The Washington Post By Lisa Monaco January 6, 2020

Trump Is the Founders’ Worst Nightmare

The New York Times  By Bob Bauer December 2, 2019

Bolivia Should Worry Autocrats Everywhere

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk November 26, 2019

The public hearings are over. Did Democrats make their case?

CNN: The Daily DC Featuring Lisa Monaco November 22, 2019

These Iraqi militias are attacking protesters and getting away with it. Here’s why.

The Washington Post By Renad Mansour, Thanassis Cambanis and Michael Wahid Hanna November 18, 2019

Highlights of Taylor-Kent Hearing and Connections to Other Witnesses

Just Security By Kate Brannen, Tess Bridgeman, and Ryan Goodman November 13, 2019

Evo Morales Finally Went Too Far for Bolivia

The Atlantic By Yascha Mounk November 11, 2019